Huggable Koi produces one of kind, handmade art plushies that would look cool hanging out in your home or office.  They were borne of passion for quilting and a love of koi.

Though Koi are my signature product, other creatures can also be found here.  Cats, Wiener Dogs and Godzilla have joined the line up and I’ve got a long list of creatures and vehicles I’m looking forward to making in the future!

All Huggable Koi art plushies are made with 100% cotton quilting fabric, stuffed with raw cotton, are individually numbered and one of a kind.  No two will ever be the same!

Each plushie also comes with a secret!  Each a different hidden talisman inside.  Only the new owner of the piece will be told what it is and they can either keep it secret or let the world know.

Please note that, though these items look like toys, they are art pieces and might not hold up to rough handling and need to be kept away from open flames.  We’ve haven’t had any complaints, but do want our plushies to look their best for you!

All Huggable Koi products are designed and made by Bonnie Robinson Stewart in her Azusa, California home.  When Bonnie isn’t sewing, she can be found working in the animation industry, hanging out with her husband and his cat or wandering around Southern California.

Beach outing!



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